Manage Pod Governance with Boardroom

To make pod governance management easier, we’re excited to announce our integration with Boardroom - a DAO discovery and governance platform!

Manage Pod Governance with Boardroom

We’ve seen a handful for pod deployment use cases. For example, ENS uses pods to manage working groups with the DAO while Wildfire uses pods to participate in governance at other DAOs. Pods are quickly becoming core infrastructure tooling for DAOs governing and managing small groups of people, like committees, councils, working groups, etc.

Pod members often perform basic governance operations like viewing, creating, and voting on proposals after gathering sufficient context. Furthermore, DAO members may want to see what a particular pod has been up to and audit a pod’s voting activity.

To make pod governance management easier, we’re excited to announce our integration with Boardroom - a DAO discovery and governance platform!

What is Boardroom?

Boardroom is a DAO governance and intelligence platform, connecting decision-makers to accurate information about their communities to help them make faster, smarter decisions.

The Boardroom Dashboard enables users to learn, engage, and participate in their DAOs by empowering stakeholders and delegates to follow, contextualize, govern, and communicate on important decisions.

This means allowing DAO contributors to view proposals, engage in forum discussions, delegate voting power to others, and vote all in one unified friendly interface.

What are Pods?

Conceptually, pods formalize the individual identities and relationships between small groups of people into a distinct group or committee, oftentimes based on expertise or project.

Technically, a pod uses a lightweight permissions layer around a Gnosis Safe multi-sig wallet to create more flexible and composable working units.

Pod members are tasked with governing their own protocol or others, making Boardroom a natural fit to reduce complexity with their universal dashboard.

How to Use Boardroom with Pods

Pods are integrated on the Boardroom dashboard as a bundle, meaning that each pod profile page is a group of voters and their respective wallets, indicating pod membership. Pod members can connect with their wallets and view and vote on any proposal on behalf of the pod, making it a perfect solution for pods participating as governance coalitions.

Currently, the pod profile allows you to view:

  • Wallets that are pod members
  • Individual voting history for each pod member
  • Proposals created by the pod or pod members
  • The number of protocols a pod or pod member is active in
ENS-Ecosystem Pod Profile Page

Boardroom provides a great user experience for pod members voting directly through their dashboard. Instead of participating on disparate voting platforms like Snapshot or Sybil, pod members can funnel all their activity through Boardroom.

The utility doesn’t stop there. In many cases, including ENS and Tribe, pod members are elected by token holders and are responsible to them. Boardroom’s unified governance dashboard allows for token-holders to audit the activity for each pod by viewing historical voting activity - useful for future elections.
By integrating with Boardroom, pod members can easily manage pod governance through a single pane while creating visibility for the token holders that elected them. Check out the dashboard now and, if you are a pod member, connect your wallet!